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Digital Minds BPO Services is your outsourcing partner in the Philippines. We are a home grown and Filipino owned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that offers a variety of solutions primarily focused in supporting eCommerce Front and Back Office Operations, Startups, Tech companies, Accounting Firms, Marketing Agencies, Web Development & Design Companies. Our partnership with our clients goes beyond supporting their business through process and system improvements, and technology innovations.

Digital Minds BPO Services cater to the three of the world’s biggest online markets: US, UK and Australia. If you are a small or mid-sized business and need responsive support during the day, overnight or round-the-clock, seven days a week, Digital Minds BPO Services have your back. We can improve and perform critical non-strategic business processes at a lower, highly-competitive cost, thereby freeing up your team for other critical tasks.

Complement your in-house employees with an affordable growth team in the Philippines. We can find you all sorts of people, from Entry-Level Specialists to seasoned experts. Make your company more efficient, scalable and profitable, while slashing payroll costs by 70% or more


Digital Minds BPO was started on June 2010 as a small sole proprietorship business by Charvel Rebagay who saw the potential of the outsourcing industry. He started with a team of 10 agents and had a challenging start with one of their client not paying them. With bills and payroll that will be due soon they were facing bankruptcy, but he did not want to give up and wanted to give it another try. This time he already learned his lesson and had been very careful with accepting new client. The team did so well that they have grown to 50 agents in just 4 months. And due to the unexpected growth of the company it was incorporated in April of 2014 and had grown from 50 agents to more than a hundred.

Thanks to our clients and our workforce of smart and talented individuals, Digital Minds BPO continues to grow and aims to help innovate the way work is done through technology and educational training. W e believe if we focus on our customers and employees, everything else will fall into place.


Our approach to outsourced/offshore staff goes beyond the talents of the individual. We believe in keeping employees happy and engaged, because a happy employee means they will consistently deliver high-quality work and have a lower turnover rate.

Our attitude towards company culture, management, development, and recruitment is what allows us to keep our staff retention rate higher than our competitors. Higher retention means that rather than dealing with someone different every time, our employees have the opportunity to learn your business and become increasingly more effective in providing high-quality service.



Digital Minds BPO is committed to providing you with exceptional staff of the highest quality and to ensuring they stay for the long term. As well as providing staff with a fantastic working environment, equitable salaries and health cards (among other incentives) we also organize regular team events to ensure they are happy and feel rewarded for their hard work.

Employee happiness, retention and productivity increases when we prioritize mental health and well being by mixing work and play.



We believe that culture is key at Digital Minds BPO. We are dedicated to improving the lives of our staff through programs that foster self-improvement, teamwork, creativity, and most importantly – fun. Our brand, services, and business strategies are defined by the 7 core values we’ve developed over time.

1. Your success is our success
2. Cooperative and works well with teams
3. Create solutions not excuses
4. Positive attitude towards growth and learning
5. Work smarter not harder
6. Self-starter and always takes the initiative
7. Create fun and positive vibes around everyone


Our mission is To provide an inexpensive staffing solution to enable all clients to increase profitability and achieve their business goals.

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