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You Do What You Do Best, We Will Take Care Of Your Technical Issues.

24/7 Outsourced Technical Support

You can count on 24/7 outsourced technical support from Digital Minds BPO!

Lower your operating costs and maintain quality customer service with an outsourced technical team from Digital Minds BPO. We are a leading provider of reliable outsourcing solutions, including technical support services for companies across the globe.

Outsourced Technical Support

Outsourced Technical Support Services

When you outsource technical support, you gain a partner for helping your business grow. The quality of your services depends on your ability to resolve technical issues quickly and effectively. If customers need to wait on the phone or for a follow-up response, they may take their business elsewhere.

Long hold times, increased customer complaints, and a decrease in customer retention rates are all signs that you need to resolve tech issues faster. This typically requires companies to increase the size of their tech support call center handling customer service.

Our outsourcing solutions help simplify the process of increasing your technical support services. We provide tailored 24/7 outsourced technical support designed around the needs of your organization.

Whether you need to provide Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 tech support, we can build a team of talented professionals to support your services. Here are a few examples of outsourced technical support services that we frequently provide:

Tech support outsourcing provides the most efficient solution for scaling your support operations. You can handle more IT tickets and technical inquiries without increasing the size of your in-house staff.

Let Us Handle All Your Technical Related Issues

We have a dedicated 24/7/365 technical support team who are trained and certified to handle any technical issues. Our Technical Support Specialists are highly trained and are well-versed in troubleshooting, diagnosing, and solving issues related to PC, Mac, and mobile devices. We are here to help you with your:

Discover the Value of Outsourced Tech Support

Partnering with the best outsourced tech support companies provides far-reaching benefits. Explore some of the ways outsourcing can help your business.

24/7/365 Tech Support Services

We provide around-the-clock service. By outsourcing your tech support to us, you can offer 24/7/365 IT Desk to your customers. This can be a challenge with an internal IT Tech team, as you may not have the resources or facilities to provide support during the night. Our call center is always open, even during holidays.

Enjoy Superior Customer Support and Satisfaction

As a leading tech support company, we only employ qualified individuals. You can entrust the needs of your customers with our tech experts, helping to deliver more efficient customer service. By giving your customers faster solutions to their issues, you naturally provide a positive experience to them and boost satisfaction scores.

Streamline Your Business Operations

Outsourcing helps you streamline your internal operations. You can lighten the workload of your in-house staff, which helps keep your employees focused and productive. You may even notice an increase in the quality of your employees’ output and fewer errors thus improving your customer service process.

Save Time and Money Compared to Internal Hiring

IT Helpdesk companies help you save time and money by eliminating the need for additional internal hiring. You do not need to add more staff to your in-house team. Outsourcing allows you to field more tech support inquiries without the typical hiring and training processes.

Support the Growth of Your Business

Choosing to outsource 24/7 tech support provides the foundation needed to take your business to the next level. You can freely enter a new market or expand your services without worrying about whether you can handle more tech inquiries.

Reliable Technical Support Outsourcing for Any Industry

At our company, we provide technical support outsourcing services to a variety of industries. This means that we work with businesses in a range of different sectors to help them manage their technical support. We have extensive experience in this area and are confident in our ability to help companies achieve their goals.


Construction and Engineering

Banking & Investments


Food & Restaurants

Software and IT services (Saas)

Travel and Hospitality

Professional Services

Real Estate

Dependable Technical Support Outsourcing in the Philippines

Why choose Digital Minds BPO for your technical support outsourcing needs? We are a Philippines-based BPO company with a global reach. We have a long track record of providing dependable outsourcing services to businesses in virtually every industry and region.

Find out why businesses continue to rely on us for their outsourcing needs:

Affordable Tech Support

You can count on us to provide competitive rates compared to other tech support companies. We aim to increase the value of outsourcing by giving you affordable rates without reducing the quality of our services.

Professional & Highly Skilled Employees

We only employ skilled individuals with the necessary technical training. From basic Level 1 tech support to complex Level 3 issues, we have employees that can expertly handle all types of inquiries.

24/7 Customer Service

Along with addressing the needs of your customers, we are always available to address your concerns. You can contact us 24/7 to make changes to your outsourcing solutions or update your customer service policies and procedures.

We Understand Your Customers

The Philippines is the top source for business process outsourcing, thanks to our knowledge of the Western culture. Our team is fluent in English and understands the nuances and slang of the language, allowing us to better communicate with your customers.

Extensive Range of Services

We have the capabilities to handle all your technical support needs, from automated responses to basic IT tickets to advanced troubleshooting. We can resolve issues related to warranties, payments, quality control, and the use of your products or services.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Digital Minds BPO is housed in a state-of-the-art building, giving our employees access to the environment and resources needed to excel. Comfortable working conditions and quality computer terminals ensure that we can deliver reliable service 24/7/365.

Experienced Company

We are an experienced company and have been providing online technical support services since 2011 and have a proven track record. Our team has worked with international clients in over 50 countries.

Data Privacy and Security

For any client that outsources their technical support to us, we treat their data with the highest standards of security. Data Privacy and Security are our priorities. We use a proven system for the highest level of data protection.

Dedicated Agents

We assign your company a team of dedicated agents that all work with your company to ensure a consistent brand experience. They know your business and have been pre-trained in your specific software, apps, and operating systems. 

Omnichannel Support

No matter where your customer is, we’ll work to resolve their issue – chat, email, social media, mobile apps, and even over the phone.

Get Easy & Affordable Tech Services For All Your Needs.

Don't Frustrate Your Customers, Outsource Your Tech Support to Us.

Outsource Your Technical Support To Digital Minds BPO

At Digital Minds BPO we are proud to offer top quality and cost-effective technical support services to businesses of all sizes. We are an offshore outsourcing firm that specializes in providing technical support services to customers in the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the rest of the world.

Not only do we have a range of procedures and protocols, but we have professionals who are highly qualified in the technical skill sets you need. Our team follows a unique Problem, Process, Solution (PPS) model, which helps us to address a problem or a defect from the initial stage itself and later on we develop a solution for the same. Our team of industry-certified technicians can handle a wide range of tasks including IT, phone, email, help desk support, and much more. We have expertly trained staff and a modern infrastructure to ensure your customers get the support they need quickly, at a price that is sure to fit any budget.

We are open 24/7/365 days a year, so you can rest assured that you’ll never have to worry about your technical support not being successful. We are a company you can count on to deliver whenever you need us, and we’ll be there day and night to take care of your needs. We can also provide you with reports that detail the progress we’re making.

To learn more about our services and rates, please reach out to us for a free consultation!


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Improve customer satisfaction with reliable live chat outsourcing services from Digital Minds BPO. We are your top choice for chat support services and other outsourcing solutions.


Help Desk Support

Is your business looking for outsourced help desk services? You can count on a cost-effective 24/7 help desk and remote support from Digital Minds BPO!

Email Support

Lower your operating costs and maintain quality customer service with outsourced email support. We are a leading provider of reliable outsourcing solutions, including email support services for companies across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before outsourcing tech support, you likely have a variety of questions about the process. Start by reviewing the following frequently asked questions and then contact us for more information.

Technical support outsourcing is when an organization hires external service providers to provide telephone or online technical support for their products. The company pays the service provider, who then provides a variety of services including diagnosis, repair, and training.

In this method, the company outsources its technical support needs to an outside company that specializes in providing tech support services. It may also be referred to as managed IT service, managed service desk, managed support service, or outsourced IT.

Outsourcing technical support is a solution for companies who need to provide fast and reliable technical support to their customers. Outsourcing allows businesses to focus on the core aspects of their business while outsourcing the technical support to a professional technical support provider. It can help alleviate the burden and cost of providing these services on-site, and it can help the organization improve customer service.

Businesses in all industries rely on tech support outsourcing companies, from multinational telecommunications companies to small local businesses. Here are a few of the industries that we frequently serve:

  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • eCommerce
  • Electronics
  • Financial services
  • Business-to-business (B2B) services

If your products or services require technical support, we can help.

After your initial inquiry, a dedicated business development manager will work with you to develop custom tech support solutions. We design our services from scratch around your specific requirements, including the type and scale of the help that you need.

Our tech support operations are built using the procedures that you outline. This ensures that your outsourced tech support call center will continue to deliver the same level of service as an in-house call center without the added cost.

We offer custom solutions to cover every aspect of technical support, from basic help desk issues to software installation. Some of the most used types of tech services include:

  • Basic Help Desk
  • Service Desk
  • Troubleshooting
  • Software Installation

We also provide a wide range of BPO services for other areas of your business. Along with tech support, you can rely on Digital Minds BPO for customer service, live chat support, back office support, email support, help desk support, and more.

A company's tech support team is often a critical part of the customer experience. This is why many companies in the United States outsource their tech support to Asia Pacific countries, such as India and the Philippines.

Currently, the U.S. is experiencing a shortage of qualified computer support personnel. The salaries are rising, but there are fewer people to fill the jobs. If you are in the United States, and you need tech support, you might call a computer help desk and get a person in the Philippines who speaks better English than the person you are talking to. There are hundreds of computer support companies operating in the Philippines and they have been working with the U.S. market for over 10 years. They know the U.S. business environment and technology. Their technical support people are very good at what they do and the costs are competitive.

IT support as a service is a way of outsourcing IT support to a third party company. The company that outsources IT support is called the customer, and the company that is responsible for it is called the service provider. The service provider helps the customer with all of their IT support-related needs.

It is the term for what we call IT services today. It's an umbrella term that covers all types of IT support, such as help desk and technical support.

The following are the various types of IT support as a service:

  • Managed Service
  • Help Desk
  • Desktop Support
  • Infrastructure Support
  • Network Support
  • End-user support
  • Cloud-based Support
  • Managed Security
  • Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Unified Communications Support
  • Virtualization Support
  • Billing and Accounting Support
  • Hosted Service
  • Managed Hosting

Level 1 tech support is the first and the most basic level of customer service for a company's products and services. A Level 1 tech support technician is someone who provides basic troubleshooting, installation, configuration, and assistance. Level 1 tech support does not have access to a customer's machine and is usually restricted to telephone or online communications. Level 1 tech support is usually offered at no cost to customers and is typically scheduled by phone or email, depending on the company's policies.

If you are thinking of how to grow your business, outsourcing technical support is one of the best ways to go. Technical support is one of the most time-consuming and expensive parts of any business. Giving your customers excellent technical support when they need one is not only a good gesture but also a great way to retain your customers. Don’t you think it’s better to spend your time doing what you do best rather than spending it on solving technical issues?

Outsourcing is not just limited to reducing the burden of in-house systems and infrastructure resources, but it can also help in improving the efficiency and quality of your support. If you do not have enough time to service your clients, then you can outsource the task to a company that is specialized in it. This means, you no longer have to waste time handling technical issues and focus on your core competencies.

In context to outsourcing tech support, it means that you hire a team of people who work on your customer support and you outsource the whole process to them. It is a huge advantage because it helps the company save a lot of money on staff while increasing the quality of the response to customers. It also helps the business focus on its core competency, saves money, and scale.

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