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Get the right data for your business.

Image Annotation, Tagging, and Labeling Services

Our image annotation services provide you with high-quality datasets for your Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning  (ML) requirements.

Image annotation outsourcing services

The image annotation outsourcing offered by Digital Minds BPO use the best technology and trained professionals to label and annotate images in a variety of industries.

Dedicated Team

You have a dedicated team and you can be assured that they are working on your project only. As a result, your project will get completed quicker and with higher quality than projects that are being done by a team who are working on multiple projects simultaneously.

Scalable Solution

Our workforce allows you the flexibilty to scale up from thousands to millions of images, and we provide our annotators and labelers with the latest equipment for getting the job done. Whether you need a small number of annotations or millions, we can provide the right team for your project.

Flexible Pricing Models

We offer flexible pricing models that will fit your annotation project volume, quality, and urgency. Even if you’re tight on budget, we can work around it. Whether you want to get it done quickly or need to ensure quality annotations - we've got you covered.

In House Annotators

We have a workforce of hundreds of fully managed in-house experienced annotators and labelers to support your AI and ML models. 

Your Data Is Secured

Our data deletion process is very secure. You are rest assured that we will never share your data with anyone. We delete all data upon completion of our commitments and have a stringent organizational culture that restricts sharing of confidential information outside the organization.

High Accuracy Data

When building AI or ML models, accuracy matters. Our experts will label your images with complete accuracy, pixel-by-pixel. We’ll always follow your guidelines and never take shortcuts.

We Meet All Your Image Annotation Needs

Building a successful AI and ML model can be a tedious and difficult process. From determining what data you need to collect to developing the proper annotation and labeling techniques, there are a lot of moving parts that can make the process frustrating. The trick is to find the right people to collect the required data for you.

Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation or Image segmentation is a process that identifies each pixel in an image and annotates them with a specific label such as color-coded or pixel-level annotation. It is used to identify objects and assign classifications to these objects based on their pixel intensities. 

The need for image segmentation has grown due to the use of machine learning in various industries such as automotive, retail, healthcare, and agriculture. It is an emerging technology that is rapidly becoming a standard across many industries and fields such as computer vision, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

Thanks to this technology, businesses can develop meaningful insights into the way customers perceive their products through visual inspection.


Tagging or Labeling 

With our Image Tagging or Labeling service, our expert annotators will use a tool to label people and objects in your images with relevant captions and keywords for easy classification and organization.  This form of image annotation is widely used in the retail, e-commerce, marketing, and advertising industries. With our help, you can customize the entire process to include specifying tagging terminology to be used.

Most retailers are not equipped to monitor all the products on their shelves in order to ensure that they are visible and in stock. But with our image tagging service, you can monitor your products and even keep track of inventory.

We provide a simple and affordable way to tag your images. 

3D and 2D Bounding Box

When it comes to creating a robust computer vision model, the more training data you can provide, the better.

Bounding Boxes is a term used in computer vision to describe the process of selecting a rectangular region on a digital image that encloses or encompasses the object of interest. Our team of annotators will identify the bounding box around the object you would like the computer to recognize. This is perfect for teaching computer vision models how to locate individual objects and people on images. Automobile manufacturers typically use this type of training data to create infallible computer vision models to recognize all traffic situations and help to enable self-driving vehicles.

Originally developed for use in automated visual search, 3D cuboid and Bounding Boxes are now used for many other purposes including image classification in Machine Learning Algorithm (ML) programs. It is typically used in the automotive, retail, insurance, and e-commerce industries.


Polygon Annotation

Sometimes, the subject of an image is an irregular object, or sometimes it's a small part of an irregular object. Polygon annotation is the most precise method for these situations, and it is also used in many other applications such as automotive, real estate, information technology, and healthcare industries. The polygons are used to track the movement and to provide a detailed outline of an object, or to identify the area of interest in the image.

Our team of annotators uses segmentation masks to get the most precise image annotation and we've successfully delivered polygon annotation projects in cases including water features, facial features, asymmetrical objects, or a distant object.

Key Points Annotation

Our KeyPoint Annotation service also known as landmark annotation is perfect for those who want to train computer vision models to recognize different shapes and stances in an image usually for facial recognition. Our experienced annotators will use a sequence of points to plot on the image and ensure high accuracy results according to your specific categories.

Our key-point based service offers the following features:

  • Differing point placement modes for task-oriented placement of points
  • Ability to add custom categories that are specified by the customer
  • Selection of point placement angles and positions to improve accuracy
  • Creation of complex annotation tasks by linking different categories of points
  • Designation of annotator for each category to perform the annotation

Scaling ML and AI with annotated data

We've annotated over 1 billion images for well-known companies. Our team of experienced annotators and labelers can annotate images for you, with speed and accuracy that no other service can match.

Outsource Image Annotation Services to Digital Minds BPO

Digital Minds BPO is the world’s leading image annotation and labeling outsourcing company.  Our team of skilled annotators and labelers in the Philippines are well-trained and highly experienced. They will quickly and accurately label and annotate your images. With our image annotation services, clients of all sizes are able to remove the burden of labeling and annotating images and focus on their core businesses. Aside from image annotation our team also offers data, text, data labeling, box, and tagging service. We are the most reliable and cost-effective solutions provider in the market.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about our Image Annotation Outsourcing Services, contact us today or examine the following answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What are image labeling and annotation?

Image labeling is the process of adding a meaningful value to a specific pixel in an image to describe it or for the purpose of understanding the content of the image. It is used to identify a certain object in an image and to categorize them in order to provide information and/or details about them. It is used by companies and businesses for various purposes.

How does image annotation work?

Image annotation is the process of labeling images by pointing out important information or places of interest. It is a manual process and is commonly used in developing and labeling images for specific purposes. Image annotation is used as an essential part of the object recognition process.

What industries need image annotation services?

Annotating images is especially useful for large databases or libraries, as it creates a structured index of the images. The industries that require image annotation outsourcing are Government, Healthcare, eCommerce, Travel, Retail, Fashion, etc.

What is annotation used for?

Annotation is used to provide information about a specific object, person, or landmark appearing in an image. It is used to support machine learning and is a core technology in computer vision solutions.

Image annotation services are often used by data analysts working with structured or unstructured data to create visualizations. It is also used by marketers to analyze online consumer data and make strategic buying decisions. It has been used in the medical field for decades to assist the identification of diseases in x-ray images. 

What kind of images can your workforce annotate?

We provide annotations for images of real estate, retail, commercial products, persons, locations, maps, and much more.

Can you scale your image annotation work up or back, per your needs?

Yes, we can scale your image annotation work up or back, per your needs, depending on the deadline and the number of images to be annotated. You can contact us anytime for details.

How quickly can you scale the work?

We believe in keeping our processes simple but our dedication to quality is unparalleled. We have the capability to scale our operations to meet the ever-changing demands of your business. We can scale the work according to your demand and also we can term the deadline within a short period of time.

What processes are in place to ensure high-quality output throughout the annotation process?

Digital Minds has a rigorous Quality Assurance process that begins with the Client and extends to the staff, including training on the latest annotation tool and processes. Our processes are designed to ensure high-quality output throughout the image annotation process. Our processes are based on visual verification, in addition to advanced statistical analysis and other quality control features.

Why outsource image annotation services?

Image annotation can be a very tedious process, and it is very important to find a reliable company that offers accurate and efficient image annotation services

Some companies feel that this type of work is too complicated to be done in-house. It is a high level data entry task that does not only require a high degree of precision and accuracy but also a great deal of experience and know-how.

Digital Minds BPO is your outsourcing partner. Our company has years of industry experience providing outsourced annotation services. We continue to help businesses grow by offering dependable services at the best prices.