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Help Desk Outsourcing Services

Is your business looking for outsourced help desk services? You can count on a cost-effective 24/7 help desk and remote support from Digital Minds BPO!

Help Desk Outsourcing

Convenient IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services

Nothing can frustrate a client more than unreliable IT support, especially when they need urgent help. When customers face problems or have questions about a service or product, their first step is to reach the customer service department. From there, they can be connected to the right expert to help them. Unfortunately, many companies can’t afford a fully equipped support desk. 

If your budget can’t allow you to have an equipped support desk, you may not deliver a comprehensive service and respond quickly to clients’ needs. A poor help desk will compromise your quality of service, which will, in turn, have a negative impact on your customers.

What’s the way forward then? The only option is to consider IT help desk outsourcing. At Digital Minds BPO, we can offer you top-notch help desk outsourcing services that can ensure your customers are responded to 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

As a leading outsourced IT help desk service provider, we can also offer you a managed customer assistance desk and application help center solutions that will give you a competitive advantage against your peers.

Outsourced Help Desk Industry Expertise

You may put up the best IT department in your company, but your IT staff may not have accurate knowledge of all company activities, even those that touch on technology. 

Help desk outsourcing companies hire many employees from various areas of expertise. This means that whatever question your customer asks, there will be an expert to respond. This is the best way to ascertain customer satisfaction. Not only that, but you’ll also benefit from the various services we offer. 

Some of our outsourced NOC and help desk services include:

If you aren’t sure which managed IT services you need to outsource or don’t know how to outsource, a Digital Minds BPO representative will guide you into making an informed decision.

We have competent employees who will give you a comprehensive overview of the services we offer and help you choose one or a combination of services that can suit your business needs.

Why Outsource Your Help Desk?

Even if you had a fully-equipped IT department, your IT team might not be able to combine customer service with other activities. They need to concentrate on network engineering, systems engineering, network administration, system security and administration, application management, database administration, and other IT related tasks crucial to your operation.

Obviously, they’ll get overwhelmed, and their productivity compromised. That’s where help desk outsourcing services come in. Here are some benefits of outsourcing your help desk services.

Lower Costs

It's a fact that money is at the center of all decision-making processes in a company. If you compare the cost of establishing a fully-fledged IT help desk with outsourcing this service, you'll realize that outsourcing is more cost-effective. You'll benefit from a certified and highly qualified technical staff that will serve as an extension of your team. Additionally, you'll be saved from the cost of training or recruiting new IT staff. Another way you'll save money is through improved productivity in your company.

Avoid Staffing Issues

In addition to ensuring business continuity, outsourcing your help desk can also help you avoid staffing issues. It's no secret that hiring and managing help desk employees can be difficult. Lack of training, compensation, and motivation can greatly affect their ability to do their job. By outsourcing help desk support, you can hire a third-party provider and give them the tools and resources to keep the help desk running smoothly. In the event that an employee leaves, the outsourcing providers are available for immediate hire and are much more efficient and organized than your current employees.

Concentrate on Core Activities

Through a help desk outsourcing service, your employees will be set free to concentrate only on the company's core activities and not worry about help desk support activities. Even your IT staff will also be able to focus on what they can do best rather than working as desk support staff. When everyone is left to concentrate on the company's core mission, your bottom line will get a boost.

Quick Response Times

As a professional IT help desk service provider, we dedicate ourselves to handling customer issues. This means your customers will enjoy swift responses and your IT department staff will also become more responsive and thorough in their work.

Improve End User Satisfaction

When a business has a help desk, it can give a sense of protection for both the employees and their clients. Employees and clients know that there are people working around the clock who are ready to assist them with any inquiries they might have. This, in turn, is what makes them feel more comfortable doing business with the company. It can improve the overall satisfaction and loyalty of your employees and clients. This is a great way to get more customers to recommend your business to their friends and family!

Increased Flexibility

Outsourced help desk services are a great way to increase flexibility in your work schedule. You can have peace of mind knowing that there is always someone available to answer any questions and take care of your IT needs when needed, even at odd hours. When you need support during those late night calls or weekend emergencies, you will be able to talk live with an outsourced representative who has been trained on your systems and procedures and can provide quick solutions for issues like software glitches and hardware malfunctions.

IT Help Desk Support Levels We Offer

L1 Support

L1 Support

L1 support level provides basic and simple support. If you have any technical issues, we would be able to help you out with the most basic technical knowledge. The L1 support level is suitable for simple problems such as user errors and software installation problems. The level of expertise provided by our help desk specialist at this level is that of an average user and is not suitable for complex technical issues.
L2 Support

L2 Support

Our L2 support covers all basics for troubleshooting IT equipment and software that L1 cannot fix. Techs will be able to answer general hardware and software questions and run basic tests on the aforementioned devices. They will also be able to install, configure, and maintain software updates, network hardware, and peripherals, and provide assistance with basic connectivity issues.

L3 Support

Our L3 support is the highest level of support and is provided by our engineers. It is suitable for highly complex issues that require multiple levels of support and expertise to identify and resolve. These include network malfunctions, computer performance, operating system, and software issues.

What’s our process to solve an issue? Our L1 support team first investigates an issue to solve it as quickly as possible. If the issue is complex, it will be forwarded to our L2 support team for a longer-term investigation. If the issue is highly complex, it will be forwarded to our senior L3 support team for deep investigation and longer-term work.

Build a secure, reliable Help Desk Support today.

Our helpdesk outsourcing services provide the right solution to your IT infrastructure problems. Our service delivers standard and turnaround times, with excellent IT support and a dedicated staff. Free up your team’s time and focus on core business.

IT Help Desk KPIs We Implement to Measure Efficiency

Efficiency must be at the center of any business operation or it to succeed. We offer the best help desk outsourcing services because we have several years of experience in this industry. Some of the reasons that separate us from our competitors include:

First Response Time (FRT)

First response time is the period between when a customer submits a ticket and a customer support agent provides a reply. The concept of first response time is meant to measure and understand how long an initial response actually takes.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Customer Satisfaction Score or CSAT is a rating that measures how satisfied a customer is with the support received from a company's service or technical support. CSAT score is usually based on short surveys that users fill out after their interaction with a support agent.

Resolution Rate (RR)

The resolution rate is determined by dividing the number of issues resolved by the total number of issues received. It indicates whether an agent is capable of managing customer issues well.

Average Time to Resolution (ATR)

Average time to resolution (ATR) is the number of minutes, or hours if the ticket requires more time, customers have to wait for a service agent to resolve their ticket. This metric can be tracked based on the total number of tickets given to agents, the total number of minutes agents spent working on tickets, and the average time per ticket.

Average Talk Time for Calls

Call times are one of the most important metrics in call center management. Having a high call time usually means that your agents might be undertrained or overwhelmed. Having a low call time shows that your agents are efficient and help customers quickly. Best of all, call time tracking can help you keep track of agent performance.

Abandonment Rate for Calls

Abandonment rate of a call is the percentage of calls that did not receive an answer within the specified timing. This number can be affected by factors such as the wait time that a caller is put on hold as well as the ability to effectively communicate with the client service representative.

Our Help Desk Support Process

Our Help Desk Support Process is implemented to ensure we stay on top of all tickets. We have a seven-step process in place to ensure that we keep up with our high standards.  We assign a ticket number to each support request and you can use that number at any point in the future to track its progress or view any notes or attachments. If the request is from a customer, we will proceed by identifying an agent qualified to handle the request. Then, we will inform the customer of the progress of the ticket. It’s important to note that all tickets are tracked for strict adherence to contract SLA’s.

A new issue is reported by the end-user via phone, live chat, email, or web form and the details of said issue have been included. If a customer calls in with a problem, the first step is to quickly outline the issue and the extent of the problem. In order to do this, all the needed details must be gathered. This includes the customer's information, time of the call, error message, and the steps they've taken to address the problem.

Once the details are collected, the next step is to categorize the issue and the issue reported is entered into the ticketing or help desk system and a unique ticket number is issued for tracking purposes.

As soon as the issue has been logged with the help desk or ticketing system, the end-user will receive their unique service ticket number via email to confirm that their service request has been logged.

The ticket system is the way the company monitors and prioritizes the issues that end-users are experiencing, based on their importance. We have internal IT guidelines that determine the order in which issues are addressed by assigning priority levels. We start with critical issues, which need to be resolved immediately, and progress through high, medium, and low priority levels, with each level having a service level agreement associated with it. The service level is the amount of time the customer can expect to wait before the issue is resolved, based on the priority of the ticket.

When you receive an issue from an end-user, it's important to make sure it gets to the right resource to handle in the most expedited way. We will route the issue to the best resource, based on a number of factors, including skillset, time zone, and how quickly the issue was awarded.

The customer will be contacted by a technician who is working on resolving the issue. The technician will explain the problem and what they are doing to solve it. This is a mandatory customer service step that every technician needs to follow. We also monitor the ticket for any escalations, to give them the most accurate response.

Issue resolution is an important step because it is the end of a process that was initiated by the user. Once the issue has been resolved, the technician provides the user with a description of what happened, as well as additional information (like a troubleshooting guide) to help them resolve the issue on their own. If the user is an internal employee, the incident is closed and archived for future reference. The resolution will be reviewed and once confirmed the service ticket will be marked as closed.

Why Choose Digital Minds BPO

Efficiency must be at the center of any business operation or it to succeed. We offer the best help desk outsourcing services because we have several years of experience in this industry. Some of the reasons that separate us from our competitors include:

Strong IT background

Employees that we hire are trained and certified. They have several years of experience in IT infrastructure, QA, IT consulting, software development, and IT competencies. They also undergo continuous training to ensure they are on par with modern technology.

A Variety of Skill Levels

No matter the size of your company or your IT staff's training level, we'll offer you the most fitting outsourcing services. We'll customize our services to suit your needs, whether you are a novice or an expert.

Wide Coverage

Though we are based in the Philippines, we serve small and medium businesses in the UK, Australia, Canada, the US, and the rest of the world. So, you can enjoy our services wherever you are.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

We keep our rates and services streamlined to ensure you get maximum value for your money. We also offer flexible pricing plans based on your requirements. No matter what your budget, we can provide help desk services tailored to meet your needs.

Data Security & Confidentiality

We comply with all data privacy regulations, to keep your data protected at all times. You can feel safe knowing that your data is being processed in a secure, protected environment. All our employees undergo thorough background checks and security checks to ensure that your data is secured.
Trusted and Experienced

Experienced Company

We work with a number of Fortune 500 companies and have extensive experience in outsourced help desk services. We adhere to a high level of quality control and quality assurance, with a focus on quality.

State of the Art Facilities

Digital Minds BPO is housed in a state-of-the-art building, giving our employees access to the environment and resources needed to excel. Comfortable working conditions and quality computer terminals ensure that we can deliver reliable help desk services 24/7/365.
Save Time

24/7 Availability

Our facilities are open 24/7, providing clients with around-the-clock access to IT help desk support and customer service issues. We can address any problems that arise to minimize any disruption to your normal operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our outsourced help desk services? If your question is not answered below, you can contact us, and we’ll be more than willing to help.

What is help desk outsourcing?

IT help desk outsourcing is the process of turning over IT support services to a third-party company. This includes such things as remote and onsite technical support, software licensing, hardware procurement, and IT security consulting.

Because the help desk is normally the first point of contact for customers, help desk outsourcing is a critical service. The outsourced help desk is normally part of a larger customer service and technical support solution. The outsourced help desk should be in a position to respond to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why would an organization outsource their IT Help Desk?

The short answer is organizations chooses to outsource their  IT Help Desk to save costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Help desk outsourcing, or IT support outsourcing, is one of the most important aspects of a successful IT support department. The help desk is the first line of support and defense, and working with an outsourced help desk team can reduce your costs and increase efficiency. Help desk outsourcing services can save costs through more efficient technology solutions and 24-hour support services. IT support outsourcing can include help desk outsourcing, and many other services to help small and large businesses better manage their IT needs.

Is it safe to outsource help desk services?

When it comes to outsourcing services, many companies are quite skeptical. The fact of the matter is, outsourcing is safe and has benefited many companies. However, you must choose a reliable, honest, and trustworthy help desk provider to ensure your company information remains confidential.

Who can benefit from outsourcing help desk services?

The short answer is, all companies can benefit from outsourcing services. From eCommerce to lawyers it doesn’t matter their size or the type of product or service they offer. It also doesn’t matter where they are located.

What factors to consider when choosing an outsource help desk services provider?

Your provider is someone who’ll get to know so much about your company. So, apart from being reliable and honest, you also need to consider factors such as:

  • Level of training/qualification
  • Certification

  • Experience
  • Equipment/facilities they have
  • Licensing, etc.

Can we get an exclusive team for our business?

Yes, we can arrange that. You can contact us, and we’ll set up an exclusive team for you, complete with a team leader that can act as a link between you and the team.

Are there Other Outsourcing Services offered by Digital Minds BPO?

We offer a wide range of outsourcing services, including but not limited to:

Reliable IT Help Desk Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

Digital Minds BPO Outsourcing Philippines is a full-service BPO Company offering call center and outsourcing services. If the service you need is not listed above, you can call us to find out how we can help you. Don’t continue overburdening your IT staff. Let’s help you relieve them and improve your ROI.