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Technical Support (Tech Support)

Technical Support Meaning

What is Technical Support (Tech Support)?

Technical support is a form of customer service offered by a company to help customers when they have problems using a company’s equipment, software, and/or services. Typically, the term technical support refers to the department or individual within a business that handles technical or customer support issues. Technical support is the process by which the technical aspects of a product are handled by the company that produced the product, either through its own staff or by hiring a third-party support organization to handle the technical aspects of support. It encompasses various ways, such as providing help or support by telephone, e-mail, live chat, help desk, or by the company visiting the customer’s site and solving the problem. Technical support staff generally work from a help desk and perform troubleshooting tasks, such as diagnosing and repairing software and hardware issues, determining the cause of a problem, and providing technical information to customers.

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