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Digital Minds BPO Celebrates Halloween 2023 with Creative Costumes and Spooky Sites 

Digital minds bpo celebrates halloween 2023.

Naga City, Philippines – Digital Minds BPO has successfully concluded this year’s Halloween celebrations with fun and exciting contests for its two sites: Magsaysay and J. Miranda. 

The event took place on October 31, 2023. This year, the DMI staff went all out for the Halloween costume and site design contests by dressing up as haunting Philippine Mythical Creatures. Each site had a spooky atmosphere with Halloween symbols such as candles, coffins, fake blood, and voodoo dolls. Matched with eerie sound effects and background noises, both sites stayed true to this year’s theme.

A collage of pictures of people dressed up for halloween.
DMI agents dressed up as Philippine mythical creatures Kapre, Mangkukulam, and Diwata.

There were lots of memorable mythical creatures present in both sites. But the ones that stood out the most were the Kapre, Mambabarang, Mangkukulam, Manananggal, Aswang, and White Lady. Each staff member wore heavy makeup and clothing made from recycled materials to embody the mythical creature. After showcasing their creative Halloween costumes, the staff enjoyed a simple Trick or Treat organized by the admins. Sweet treats like candies and chocolates were given. 

There were two winners for the Spookiest Costume, for each site. The J. Miranda office was chosen as the winner for the Spooktacular Site category. 

On halloween 2021 spooky site winner.
The Spooktacular Site winner: DMI J. Miranda office.

Some agents said it was their first fun Halloween event, and they felt as if they were kids again. Digital Minds BPO aims to continue promoting teamwork and happiness at work by organizing enjoyable events and activities for employees. 

For the full list and more photos of winners, check out our official Facebook page

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