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The Top 10 Data Entry Outsourcing Companies in 2024

10 best data entry outsourcing companies offering exceptional services.

Regardless of the industry, managing and storing data is crucial to customer satisfaction and business success. This is why many successful companies hire the best service providers specializing in data processing. This article will introduce you to the importance of data entry and data accuracy in businesses.

I have been working with a business process outsourcing company for a long time, and I know how data management helps in optimizing daily operations. If you’re looking for top companies that offer exceptional data entry outsourcing services, we are here to provide you with a list of the top data entry companies that you can hire. 

From data security, to pricing, and skills, we’ll help you dive deeper into the benefits that accurate data entry could bring to your company. Are you excited to know the leading data entry services company that could help you achieve your business goals? Continue reading to learn more. 

Top 10 Data Entry Outsourcing Providers

1. Digital Minds BPO Services

Digital Minds BPO Services Logo

Headquarters: Naga City, Philippines

Number of offices: 3

What they do best: Invoice Data Entry, CRM Data Entry, E-Commerce product Data Entry, and Copy Paste Data Entry

Digital Minds BPO is the ideal company for your data entry tasks if you want to provide a more optimized experience for your customers. Digital Minds is a Filipino company based in Naga City that offers top data entry services which are not just competitive, but also extremely affordable. 

This fast-growing BPO company offers a lot of data entry and processing services across different industries, but its strongest link is E-commerce. Digital Minds is known as one of the leading data entry outsourcing companies in the Bicol Region, boasting successful campaigns with the biggest manufacturing companies, E-commerce sites, and even government agencies. 

You can be 100% at ease that every data will be processed and stored quickly and accurately. They’ve got the best equipment and software, trained and experienced data entry professionals, and excellent data privacy and security. Check out for the best data entry services that will suit your goals and needs. 

2. Cogneesol

The logo for Cogneseol, one of the top data entry companies.

Headquarters: Punjab, India

Number of offices: 5

What they do best: Real Estate Data Entry, QuickBooks Data Entry, Legal Data Entry, and Image Data Entry.

This data entry company in India takes pride in more than 15 years of experience in the field. Equipped with the latest technology and an expert team of data entry professionals, Cogneesolis always successful in helping businesses with their data processing services. In addition to the common data entry services that most companies in the United States offer, Cogneesol specializes in real estate data entry.

The India-based company has a proven track record of providing support to numerous industries through its reliable and cost-effective data entry solutions. You also don’t have to worry about privacy and security, because they implement firm security measures and practices to protect all types of business data. 

3. Rely Services Inc.

The logo for Rely, one of the top data entry outsourcing companies.

Headquarters: Illinois, United States

Number of offices: 23

What they do best: Data Mining, Online Data Entry, Offline Data Entry, Data Capture, and Catalog Management.

Rely Services Inc. is a data entry company in the United States more than your usual business process outsourcing services. With over 20 years of exceptional support to different businesses, Rely has successfully carved its mark in the BPO industry. 

The best thing about Rely is that their team is capable of assisting no matter how big or small a business is. Rely also has an impressive reputation for employing seasoned professionals, giving the most effective training programs, and utilizing the newest technologies for smoother and more efficient business solutions. 

Rely has worked with clients in private, public, and government sectors. Their main focus is healthcare, mortgage, insurance, and finance & accounting. 

4. WNS Global Services

Wns logo on a white background showcasing its expertise as one of the top data entry companies.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India

Number of offices: 60

What they do best: Data Science and solutions, Data Governance Intelligent Cloud, and HR Analytics

Indians are known for their skills and knowledge in information technology. So it is no longer a surprise to have WNS on this list. WNS is labeled as a Business Process Management company, which showcases a refined combination of industry knowledge, technology, and analytics. 

WNS has over 59,000 employees with expertise in generative AI, finance & accounting, customer experience, human resources, and analytics. They offer top-notch data entry services in India and have meaningful advocacies. One of these advocacies is the WNS Cares Foundation, which aims to empower underprivileged children and provide them with amazing opportunities for the future.

5. Ardem Incorporated

Ardem is a leading data entry service provider company that offers top-notch data entry services.

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States

Number of offices: 3

What they do best: Logistics Data Entry, Medical Data Entry, and Sales Order Processing.

Ardem is no stranger when talking about data entry services in the United States. This Indian-operated company has been recognized by many award-giving bodies for its premier data entry services. Led by executives with outstanding technology skills, Ardem’s data entry team promises high accuracy of data, fast processing, and actionable data insights. 

Accounting, logistics, retail & manufacturing, and utilities are among the many industries that benefit from Ardem’s comprehensive data entry services. 

6. Invensis Technologies

Invensis, one of the top data entry companies, showcases its logo on a sleek black background.

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India

Number of offices: 2

What they do best: Online and Offline Data Entry, Offline Payroll Processing, and E-book Entry. 

Invensis started the new millennium with a brilliant idea: to become a global service provider and help companies achieve their business goals. This company that started providing outsourcing services to a popular apparel brand has successfully become a BPO giant that offers a wide range of business services and solutions. From having only six employees onboard, Invensis has grown into one of the biggest BPO outsourcing companies in India with over 5,000 highly competent and experienced staff. 

In 2020, the company also celebrated a huge milestone that can be added to its impressive portfolio. Invensis transitioned from a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firm to a Business Process Transformation (BPT) leader. This change helped them establish higher trust with their clients, particularly banking institutions, E-commerce companies, and telecommunication firms.

7. Open Access BPO

The logo for open access bpo one of the top data entry companies

Headquarters: Makati, Philippines

Number of offices: 5

What they do best: Data Management – Data Verification, Data Categorization, and Data Mining Services.

Cultural diversity has both advantages and disadvantages for businesses. But for Open Access BPO, consider diversity as their ultimate strength. Open Access has a diverse team with excellent data entry skills for data entry services. This BPO company is proud of its multilingual teams and its client-focused approach to offering affordable business solutions to companies.

Open Access provides accurate data entry services, high data entry processes, content moderation services, back office support, and improved customer experience. They also implement policies to ensure the privacy and security of client data. Open Access BPO regularly complies with outsourcing protocols and data protection standards set by regulating agencies.

8. Premier BPO

Premier bpo logo on a white background, representing one of the top data entry companies.

Headquarters: Tennessee, United States

Number of offices: 4

What they do best: Data Entry, Data Cleansing, and Data Analysis.

Premier BPO’s primary mission is to serve as an “extension” of their clients’ businesses. For two decades, the company has strategically aligned its services to match the goals of its clients. Premier specializes in assisting first-time outsourcers by providing personalized services that are not just efficient, but also affordable. 

The American BPO company is also not afraid to take risks and encourages their clients to do the same but in smart, calculated ways. Even if their main market is focused on mid-sized companies, Premier is always prepared to deliver the highest quality of support to their clients. Back office support, customer care, IT, medical billing, software support, and technology practice are the top areas where Premier excels. Compared to other BPO companies in the US, Premier opts to create a new era of technological edge instead of simply adapting to current tech trends. 

9. Acquire BPO

Acquire BPO Logo

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Number of offices: 16

What they do best: Data Entry, Data Cleansing, and Payment Processing and Tracking.

Safe, flexible, and innovative. These are the words that Acquire used to describe their 18 years of fast-growing operations and growth in the BPO industry. This Australian company which started as a contact service provider in 2005 now offers a wide range of outsourcing services including data entry.

As an internationally recognized BPO firm, Acquire is known for its consistency in delivering quality services to companies all over the world. From insurance and healthcare to media and finance, Acquire continuously ranks on The Global Outsourcing 100 List. 

10. Telus International

Telus international logo on a black background, representing one of the top data entry companies.

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Number of offices: 48

What they do best: Data Collection, Data Annotation, Data Validation and relevance, and Data and Customer Analytics.

Telus International is a BPO company that leverages modern technology and Artificial Intelligence. Through the latest technology and software, they elevate the processes done by a data entry team. Combined with human intelligence, Telus is the best data entry company in quality assurance and information accuracy. 

They take pride in their unique AI training platform and custom solutions for every business. Additionally, Telus boasts over a million annotators and linguists in its diverse global AI community. If you are looking to outsource data entry services and at the same time, have the technological edge against competitors, this Canadian outsourcing giant is the perfect match for you. 

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the process of adding, verifying, and editing electronic data. The data entry process typically involves encoding large amounts of data into the company database. The most common types of data that data entry specialists process include the following:

  • Meeting notes
  • Sales figures
  • Customer information

Companies hire data entry professionals to ensure accurate encoding and accessibility of online data for management and related departments. Periodic reports and presentations need backup data, so departments are expected to have important information available at any time. Data entry experts are also highly proficient in utilizing different data conversion software to produce data in various formats. 

Types of Data Entry

Businesses handle a wide range of data on a daily basis. With this, more and more companies are offering a variety of services and data entry solutions. Here are the most common types of data entry that your data entry service provider could offer:

Image Data Entry

This type of data entry involves converting and editing images and is usually done by a professional graphic artist. There are specific procedures under this type of data entry:

  • Image storage
  • Image capturing
  • Image keying
  • Image retrieval

For E-commerce businesses, image data entry specialists may also provide catalog data entry services, scanned image data entry services, book entry, image enhancement, photo restoration, and more.

E-commerce Product Data Entry

E-commerce product data entry service refers to the meticulous and systematic way of entering the following product information onto different platforms:

  • Product title/name
  • Description
  • Price
  • Image

Apart from carefully entering the abovementioned details, e-commerce product data entry specialists also organize product listings to give customers a convenient and personalized shopping experience. 

Remote Data Entry

This modernized approach to data entry involves having all the data stored in a master computer while being managed and read from a remote terminal. Nowadays, almost every BPO company offers remote data entry services and employs a team of data entry professionals to save on operational and labor costs.

Textual Data Entry

The easiest form of data entry, textual data entry refers to the input of data into a readable computerized language. Textual data entries typically include letters, numbers, and alphanumeric characters. These data can be entered as tables, constrained message formats, and/ or free texts.

Insurance Claims Data Entry

Data entry and management play an integral role in the insurance industry. Insurance companies hire the best data entry professionals for efficient data collection, prompt forms and claims processing, effective digitization of data, and excellent data security. 

Logistics Data Entry

This type of data entry involves extracting and entering vital information like freight bills of lading and freight invoices. The main goal of this data entry method is to organize all data according to their category and priority level.

Invoice Data Entry

As the name suggests, invoice data entry is the process of recording an invoice from a vendor. When there’s a need to modify or reverse an invoice previously entered, this process is very important. Invoice data entry is considered a batch-oriented process. 

How can excellent data entry outsourcing services benefit a company?

Planning to outsource data entry tasks? Most service providers that offer data entry outsourcing can help you enjoy the following benefits:


Managing data is expensive. From hiring specialists and acquiring the latest equipment, a service provider can help you reduce costs and hit your sales targets without spending too much. A reliable outsourcing firm will source and hire manpower and purchase the necessary equipment and software to take care of your business and client data.

Quality assurance

The majority of the BPO companies are also technology companies. Meaning, they know how to utilize the right combination of human and artificial intelligence. This makes it easier for them to produce quick yet quality outputs set to personalize and automate their clients’ business processes. Because they regularly update their software and equipment, common errors can be avoided and processes can be optimized according to the client’s needs.

Enhanced data security

According to cybersecurity ventures, cybercrime costs are expected to reach a trillion annually by 2022.

Cybersecurity is crucial in any business. Apart from being an essential component of a successful company, it can also be expensive. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime costs are expected to go up to $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. Outsourcing firms invest in cybersecurity to protect not just their business data, but to safeguard all the important information of their clients and partners. Hiring a service provider will give you access to high data security to prevent data leaks and breaches. 

Data-driven decisions

Analyzing raw data can be time-consuming, and discrepancies can be inevitable. But with the help of an outsourcing provider specializing in data entry and analysis, you can access, convert, and analyze data that can be used in important business decisions. This is especially helpful for marketing agencies who need to regularly modify their strategies to establish a stronger digital presence. 


A scalable business is a healthy business. Many data entry companies promise to help their clients scale their business operations according to the required number of manpower. You can make your business scalable by contacting a reputable and experienced outsourcing partner. From hiring more staff to handle additional the additional workload, to utilizing better software solutions, your outsourcing partner will be 100 in charge.

Tips when outsourcing data entry services:

Consider the actual costs

There are several costs that you might encounter when outsourcing your business tasks. Apart from the typical fees that come with the bid price, contract administration, and transition, you should be prepared for all the actual outsourcing costs. This is to avoid budget shortages and overbudgeting that might affect staff performance and outcomes. 

Set clear expectations

Communicating your business goals with your outsourcing partner is essential to succeed in any industry. Don’t forget to state all your expected outcomes in your service level agreement or contract with your service provider. Whether it’s about target sales, quotas, or timeframes for specific tasks and processes, it’s vital to set things clear before sealing the deal. 

Research about their reputation

Making sure that your service provider has a clean and proven reputation in data entry outsourcing is a must. While looking for a BPO firm that will match your needs and budget, it is equally important to check customer reviews and client testimonials. The purpose of researching is to be able to work with a BPO company that will help you level up your business and branding. You can check out websites or join outsourcing forums to verify client reviews and help you create a shortlist of companies that you can hire as an outsourcing partner. 

Inquire about their contingency plans

Regardless of the status of a BPO company and its reputation, there are times when plans and campaigns just don’t work. Some roadblocks might hinder the growth of your outsourcing journey and you should be prepared to take on those challenges. Having a detailed and feasible contingency plan can save you from losses caused by unexpected changes and unforeseen events. It will also assist you in establishing valuable relationships with your stakeholders. 

Highlight security measures and procedures

For a task as technical as data management, security is vital. Ask your service provider about the specific measures that they implement to secure client data. Ask for compliance certificates and request information about privacy policies and best practices. Find a trustworthy company to safeguard and store your valuable data securely.

Ready to outsource your data entry services? 

All set? Now that you have learned about data entry and the things that you should consider when looking for a data entry outsourcing partner, it’s time for you to take your business processes to the next level. 

Digital Minds BPO can help you achieve all your business goals. Besides data entry, we’ve got a wide range of services to help our clients succeed in different industries. Our trained and experienced staff are always prepared to take on every opportunity to gain new skills and help businesses prosper. We also offer the lowest rates for data entry services, customer service, financial services, and more. 

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and start building your dreams with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which industry benefits from data entry the most?

Accounting and  E-commerce industries that benefit the most from outsourcing data entry services. Other industries include advertising, healthcare, IT & software, retail, and law. 

Are data entry jobs in demand?

Yes. A 2021 statistics report found that over 151,000 individuals in the US are employed as Data Entry Clerks. In addition to this, 42% of companies with 10,000 employees hire data entry specialists. 

What are the jobs similar to data entry?

There are several jobs in different industries that have similar job descriptions as data entry. Occupations like typist, coder, transcriber, and word processor require the same skills. Most virtual assistant opportunities are also classified as data entry jobs.

What are the skills required to become a successful data entry professional?

Just like other occupations, one must possess a specific set of skills to become a successful data entry professional. Whether it’s an entry-level position or a senior-level job opportunity, having these skills is highly encouraged:

  • Fast and accurate typing
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail
  • Research and data gathering
  • Basic software knowledge
  • Multitasking
  • Value for confidentiality
  • High level of concentration
  • Organization and file management
  • Critical thinking


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