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Digital Minds BPO Partners with Ateneo de Naga University in Work Immersion Program

Ateneo De Naga Students Work Immersion Program

Naga City, Philippines – Digital Minds BPO has joined forces with Ateneo de Naga University, the top academic institution in the Bicol Region, for a work immersion program that prepares senior high school students for the corporate world. 

The program, which began with an orientation and introduction of the company’s services, took place at the same time last February 14, 2023, at DMI’s Magsaysay and Ateneo sites. There were a total of 9 Grade 12 students from the Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) and Accountancy, Business, and Management (ABM) strands of the ADNU Senior High School Program. 

DMI made sure to assign interns to supervisors with the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge after graduation to help them get ready for the exciting challenge of working in different industries. The tasks assigned to interns ranged from mundane administrative duties to creative and technical assignments that will require them to work not just with their immediate supervisors but also with their fellow interns. The interns worked on data entry, report management and presentations, the interview and recruitment process, and the creation of marketing materials for new job postings.

Apart from industry-specific tasks, they also got familiar with the basic call center terms that could help them ace interviews and practical tests in the future if they want to pursue a career in sales, customer service or technical support. The work immersion ended last March 3, 2023.

The global BPO market is expected to reach USD 280.6 billion this year. This means that the industry has a lot of job opportunities for working professionals and fresh graduates. Digital Minds BPO welcomes more collaborations and partnerships with universities and colleges to help students gear up for the bigger challenge in the workforce as young professionals striving for career development and personal growth.

Start building your career goals with us, one step at a time, here at DMI. 

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