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Top 10 Content Moderation Companies Globally To Keep Your Branding Clean

Top Content Moderation Companies

Branding sounds simple. When you ask people about branding, you might receive straightforward answers focusing on visual elements such as logos and catchphrases. Truth is, there’s more to this term than text and Pantone. Branding represents a company’s entirety. It’s the company’s identity.

And it’s not surprising to see businesses investing time and money to protect their branding. Why not? 46% of consumers say that they’re willing to pay more for brands they trust.

So it’s safe to say that branding builds trust between consumers and businesses. Business owners protect their branding to give the highest quality of customer experience that’ll set them apart from their competitors. However, despite multiple efforts of business owners to maintain a clean and reputable image and branding, there are lots of intervening factors that’ll cause irreparable damage to it.

Some of these factors are coming from customers themselves, including the regular, loyal ones. And with the rise of social media, things go viral real quick, regardless of their nature and effect on the target audience.

To control negative publicity, companies hire content moderators or outsource moderation tasks from a third-party service provider to filter unwanted content that might harass, offend, or degrade customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Get The Best Content Moderation Services With These Companies

1. Digital Minds BPO

Digital Minds is a BPO company based in the Philippines that specializes in a wide range of services including customer service and content moderation. Equipped with the most advanced technology and knowledgeable content moderation teams, you can be 100% confident that your websites and communication platforms for your clients will be safe, and your company’s reputation will continue to shine. Digital Minds offers the following content moderation services:

Text Moderation

Their meticulous and tech-savvy team of moderators review words and terms used in publishing comments under forums, social media posts, and even chat messages that might be flagged as objectionable content that can pose a threat and offense to customers.

Image Moderation

Content monitoring can be tough for some businesses due to the changing algorithms of websites and social media platforms, but for Digital Minds’ experienced moderators, banning undesirable content which features nudity, racism, violence, etc. is easier.

Moderators work 24/7 screening, reviewing, and approving (or disapproving) user-generated images to keep your website interface and social media news feed free of sensitive content.

Video Moderation

Racy content is usually presented in videos through deepfakes. Deepfakes are harmful content created to destroy an individual’s image and reputation. Some hate campaign videos are also rampant during or after product and service launches, and when left uncontrolled, these materials can affect a business’ branding.

Along with the skills of human content moderators, Digital Minds has mastered the best techniques to sort and remove explicit videos from various online platforms.

Catering to different industries with fast-paced business processes, Digital Minds is a top choice in the following industries:

  • Gaming
  • Dating
  • Social Networks
  • Online Marketplaces
  • Online Communities
  • Platform for Kids

2. Genpact

This New York-based BPO company continues to prove its place in the industry by maximizing the potential of human and artificial intelligence. Known for its strategic approach to content moderation, Genpact provides outstanding solutions to ensure integrity, accuracy, and safety to anticipate productive and fair business outcomes and for every company to have a strong and remarkable digital presence.

Genpact’s solution is simple yet powerful. Focusing on analytics and using deep domain expertise to mitigate problems for various platforms that publish user-generated content. The BPO company takes pride in its competitive support systems for more than 50 languages, over 600 specialized workflows, and 12 sites around the world.

Here are some of Genpact’s best content moderation solutions:

Ad Integrity and Brand Safety

Protect your image and branding by filtering out scams, clickbait, unverified information, and misleading ads to promote exclusivity and keep only the materials that follow the content guidelines that you set for your business.

Safe Gamer Experience

Deliver safe and friendly experiences for gaming industry professionals and enthusiasts with dedicated strategies tailored for game developers, publishers, console manufacturers, and cloud and streaming service providers.

3. TaskUs

Aside from its colorful and vibrant interface, TaskUs offers unique methods when it comes to content moderation. Labeled as Trust and Safety Digital Solutions, the BPO company invests in the combination of a data-centric approach and human judgment powered by behavioral research and technologies.

TaskUs is acknowledged for expert human moderators that can optimize every process in online spaces to ensure smooth and safe customer interactions. As one of the largest companies specializing in content moderation, TaskUs is capable of moderating content created by billions of users worldwide.

With over 6,000 dedicated moderation teams supported by time and sales industry professionals, you can maintain your business’s online presence and extend superb user experiences to your clients.

4. Teleperformance

Teleperformance is considered as a global leader in business services powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With a long list of services that they offer, the French omnichannel empire works with three (3) major advantages: human expertise, innovative technology, and unmatched scale.

To effectively detect and analyze user-created data, Teleperformance implements an excellent balance between human oversight and AI. In a way, all malicious activities that the content oversight board doesn’t cover won’t be missed even with manual moderation.

Popular social media companies like Facebook and Twitter base most of their content moderation decisions on the oversight board, and while the results are impressive quantity-wise, there are specific content pieces that can be totally inappropriate and derogatory that their AI systems tend to miss.

With Teleperformance, human moderation and machine learning help flag user reviews, comments, and file uploads to keep your digital platforms squeaky clean.

5. Accenture

Securing a consistent spot in the list of the top firms in the world, Accenture needs no introduction. This Irish-American is a multiservice company with a focus on technology and consulting. If the name alone isn’t impressive enough, know that Accenture has Facebook (yes, the social media giant) as their top client in content moderation.

The firm is home to the most advanced technologies and trained content moderators who get to control and manage toxic content arising from emotional arguments under the platform’s viral content.

6. Wipro

Wipro Limited is a multinational company based in India that provides BPO services, information technology, and consulting. The backbone of their content moderation services is the perfect combination of AI and human intelligence. Their insights-based technology makes it more efficient for content moderators to monitor online spaces, and control and manage abusive content.

Since their content moderation activities are led by human content moderators and augmented by machines, understanding different types of content are more manageable and the results will be unbiased. The company takes pride in its cost reduction and improved review time which benefited millions of clients. They specialize in social media content moderation.

7. Telus International

If you’re looking for a company that provides quality content moderation services, and at the same time, has high regard for the welfare of its employees, Canadian technology giant Telus is a perfect choice. Telus International promotes expertise in social media community management, ad moderation, online e-commerce, marketplace protection, and social media support.

Telus’ strategy is a 4-step process that’s simple and direct:

Step 1: Flag, respond to or remove inappropriate posts.

Step 2: Communicate workflows based on client guidelines.

Step 3: Checking, filtering, and analyzing customer-generated posts. Placing content in the appropriate forums, and responding to comments using the company’s branding/tone.

Step 4: Observe customer activities to modify existing guidelines according to their behavior.

Workplace-wise, Telus is also a proud gold recipient of the Employer of the Year Award at the Stevie Awards for Great Employers in 2019.

8. Alorica

Visit Alorica’s website, and you’ll see a dominant word that’s not commonly used by BPO companies to describe their content moderation strategies. The California-based company is recognized as the largest minority-owned BPO provider in the world and a certified minority business enterprise (MBE) surely has big advantages. In Alorica’s case, their content moderation services are proven to be successful; employing over 2,000 content moderators across 3 countries and 12 languages in just a matter of months!

Alorica also has an exceptional recruitment model that helps them hire the best content moderators with high emotional quotient (EQ), impeccable resilience, strong comprehension skills, and keen attention to detail. This recruitment model resulted in an impressive attrition rate of 2%, a percentage eight times lower than the good attrition rate considered by the industry at 10%.

Their expertise includes the following:

  • Brand and User Protection
  • Global Defense
  • Multi-Content Moderation

9. Live World

Another digital agency with vast experience in generating complete solutions to social media and technology-related issues, Live World aims to help companies establish and maintain relationships with customers by building a trusted reputation.

Aside from strategic consulting and actionable business insights, Live World teams are slowly carving a mark in the content moderation market. Online community management, social media management, social media moderation, and community management are just a few of the services that this American company can provide.

10. Concentrix

They say numbers don’t lie, and it seems like the important figures are for Concentrix. As a business services company with a focus on customer engagement and business performance, Concentrix is an all-rounder. Serving different industries, from automotive and insurance, down to media and communications and travel and tourism, the American company continues to prosper and help more businesses grow.

Speaking of numbers, Concentrix boasts over 125 billion annual content and social media reviews, 15 years of experience, and globalized operations that span 15 countries. Moreover, content moderators hired by the company don’t have to worry about the possible effect of their regular exposure to negative content on their psychological well-being. Concentrix is one of the global companies that provide clinical assistance and mental health care for moderators to have a healthy and happy working experience while protecting the companies’ branding and image.

What is Content Moderation?

content moderation services

It’s a branding protection strategy that companies and business owners practice to sort user-generated content that’s considered inappropriate. They’re carefully monitored and analyzed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) or human solutions to ensure that all users are consumers will have safe and pleasant experiences on social media platforms and communities.

Businesses may choose to hire content moderation teams, outsource content moderation services from external providers, or install content moderation software.

Why is Content Moderation Important?

Content moderation is important to protect a company’s branding and reputation against trolls who publish and spread inappropriate content using online platforms with the purpose of harming existing and potential consumers and users, defaming a business’ name, destroying a company’s image, and creating a hostile environment between individuals and firms.

When offensive content plagues a company’s website or social media page, it could create an impression of unethical practices and a lack of effort to keep a happy and secure online community for individuals interested in their products and services. Such an impression of indifference might affect user experience and cause prospective clients to stop supporting a certain company.

Which Types of Content Should be Moderated?

Types of content to be moderated

There are several types of online content that can make or break a company’s branding, but the most common are the following:


Content moderators detect, analyze, and filter user-generated posts and comments on social media pages and online communities to ensure that toxic content made by offensive language (anything that promotes racism, online threats, violence, sexual harassment, or self-harm) will be removed and invisible to members and future website visitors.


90% of the information we perceive and transmit to our brains is VISUAL. Posting quality images on websites has its purpose. The goal is to stimulate and trigger the senses of potential customers and make products and services appear more attractive and exciting to purchase.

Website designers and developers take extra efforts to post the most appropriate images, but when some users or trolls misbehave, sensitive content that goes against the community standards can be posted under comment sections, discussion, and review threads. Unwanted images may feature nudity, violence, and self-harm.


Just like images, videos are made and uploaded to give website and page visitors a superb visual experience. However, without effective moderation, illegal content may affect the overall image of a company reflected on its website. Using human solutions and tools, moderators filter all racy content that can be linked to pornography and voyeurism, sexual assault, and nudity. Such type of content can make users feel uncomfortable and unsafe.


Audio content is the fastest growing form of internet-based media, with over one billion hours spent listening to music on YouTube alone. In a world where audio content has become ubiquitous and where content creators often don’t have the resources to moderate their own audio, it’s up to third-party content moderation companies like Digital Minds BPO to ensure that audio content is safe and legal.

Audio content presents a unique set of challenges for moderators, often requiring a high degree of specialization. For example, content moderators must be able to tell whether the audio has been manipulated or not and if it contains copyrighted material.

How Do Content Moderation Companies Work?

Content Moderation company

Content moderation companies are businesses that help to keep online communities and platforms clean by removing the inappropriate or objectionable content. These companies use a variety of methods to identify and remove unwanted content, including human moderators who review posts and flag anything that violates the community guidelines. In addition to manually moderating content, some content moderation companies also use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to automatically detect and remove offensive material.

This can be a vital service for businesses, as it helps them protect their reputation and avoid any legal issues that could arise from offensive or defamatory material being published about them online. Content moderation companies can also help businesses keep track of the latest trends in online chatter, which can be useful for marketing purposes.

These companies use a mix of technology and human review to monitor and remove content that violates guidelines.

Content moderation companies use a mix of technology and human review to monitor and remove content that violates guidelines. These companies typically work with social media platforms and other online publishers to help them keep their user-generated content (UGC) within acceptable bounds.

While automated systems can do a lot to flag potentially offending content, humans are still needed to make the final call on whether something should be removed. This is because automated systems can often make mistakes, and also because some decisions require human judgment. For example, a picture of a person in a bikini might be flagged as offensive by an automated system, but a human moderator would likely decide that it’s not actually violating any rules.

Content moderation is an important part of keeping social media platforms and other online spaces safe and welcoming for all users. By using both technology and human review, these companies help ensure that only appropriate content is published.

Content moderation is important for social media platforms, e-commerce sites, and other online businesses

The goal of these companies is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all users by keeping harmful or offensive content from being published. This helps to create a positive user experience and prevent people from being exposed to potentially harmful or upsetting material. Additionally, by moderating content, businesses can avoid violating any laws or regulations related to online speech.

How Big is the Content Moderation Industry?

content moderation industry

The industry is enjoying tremendous growth, thanks to social media giants continuously revising and updating community guidelines which require direct hiring or outsourcing of services and adopting more advanced content moderation solutions to provide flawless online experiences to current users as well as prospective subscribers. MarketWatch predicted a $13.60 billion market value for the digital content moderation industry by 2027.


Facebook currently has more than 15,000 content moderators. YouTube has 10,000, and Twitter has 1,500. Most of Facebook’s content moderation services are sourced from third-party providers.

With the growing cases of online harassment and abuse, having a strong and competitive content moderation strategy is crucial. An excellent content moderator should possess a keen eye for detecting and analyzing user-generated content published to malign a business reputation, negatively affect customer interest, and discourage potential partnerships.

Moreover, they should also be familiar with the latest technological advancements to adjust content moderation processes in line with ethical and professional considerations mandated by laws and policies. Continue reading to find out which companies offer the best content moderation services around the world.

Things that You Should Consider in Finding the Best Company for Content Moderation

Content Security

Moderating content with multiple types of content might accidentally leak important private data of both parties, so you need to prioritize data security in your search for a good content moderation company. Make sure that they also have detailed security protocols and a well-written non-disclosure agreement for mutual protection.

Content Moderation Policies

Work with a company that has a similar view of what’s acceptable and not, when it comes to online content. While content moderation policies may vary depending on the culture and beliefs of business owners, there are policies that might appear too demanding or too liberating for some. In this case, content moderation policies and terms must be discussed to come up with an agreement that’s fair for the business, the provider, and the users.

Skills and Knowledge

Content moderators must be physically and mentally prepared to handle high content volumes, most especially during peak seasons, where customer demands are also high, and the presence of trolls can be difficult to eradicate.

Choose a service provider that hires skilled moderators who can work for quantity and quality and are capable of using content moderation tools to maximize time and resources. While not required, getting in touch with professionals knowledgeable in deep learning technology is an extra ace for you.


Aside from the skills and knowledge requirements, you must also select a provider that has close access to the latest technology to handle thousands and millions of user-generated content. Human moderation is effective, but with the increasing number of content to be monitored and analyzed, the experience could be overwhelming for human moderators. A service provider that adopts the latest AI software can give you a bigger advantage against your competitors.

Workplace Quality

Check reviews not just from clients but from former employees. The kind of environment affects the level of service that employees can offer to clients. Simply put, you need to make sure that the content moderators are treated ethically, receive the right amount of compensation, and are acknowledged and recognized when they do well. Remember that these employees are the ones to be monitoring and filtering content in your business platforms, so having happy employees can also benefit your business.

It’s good if the service provider can present an actual program or system that they adapt to take care of the moderators’ physical, mental, and psychological health. Contents posted online aren’t just rude or offensive but can be downright traumatizing, and constant exposure can pose several mental health risks, so it’s important that you take note of this.


Knowing the price that you’ve to pay to protect your branding is important. Choose a service provider that offers cost-effective pricing that can help you cut costs without compromising the quality of output. Stick to pricing plans that are focused on the types of content that need to be moderated and always note that the add-on services have additional costs as well.

Key Takeaways

More and more companies are launching content moderation outsourcing services, so it’s no longer difficult to find one that fits your content moderation needs. Protecting your branding and reputation is much easier with the help of modern technology and human intelligence, and it’s extremely necessary for businesses to put this on the long list of things that should be prioritized.

Digital Minds BPO offers flexible pricing plans that’ll suit your budget. Their friendly and talented moderators will be available 24/7 to monitor and moderate content on your social platforms. Request a quote now and start your partnership with their top-quality BPO services!


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