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6 Reasons Why Content Moderation is Important for User-Generated Campaigns

Why Content Moderation is Important for User Generated Campaigns

When you are selling a product or a service, you are not just offering the tangible aspect of your brand, you are also selling experience. Social media platforms serve as a marketing heaven for sales and marketing professionals because they get to create more specialized marketing strategies to promote and sell different brands. The best thing about social media is you can get people’s attention without much effort, plus, it’s free.

Popular companies are understandably very cautious about their brand image, so they tend to keep a specific marketing strategy in place. One proven way to get the attention of more customers is through user-generated content (UGC).

UGC is simple yet very strong, and experienced marketers always make sure that any type of content will be successful in keeping a product on the top of search engines. Still, a UGC campaign may also miss the purpose of keeping the brand’s reputation clean if there are no reliable tools or ways to moderate user-generated content. Let us define UGC and learn what makes content moderation important for user-generated campaigns.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC) And What are some UGC examples?

User-generated content (UGC) is any authentic content from real customers about certain brands of products or services. UGC could be anything from images and videos, audio, to product reviews posted by unaffiliated or unpaid individuals. These types of content are often anticipated by business owners to increase brand follower content and improve the brand’s ranking in search engines like Google or Bing.

UGC is usually posted on social media pages and viewed by potential buyers as a legitimate reference that could help them come up with purchasing decisions.

Why are User-Generated Campaigns Important?

Campaigns made by customers play an essential role in promoting a brand. Each post about a brand or company is capable of creating publicity and garnering interest that could make a particular product or service become a trend on social media. User-generated campaigns are not limited to social media platforms. Businesses set up websites to highlight positive customer reviews to boost exposure and keep customers.

Social media marketers design interactive campaigns because of their effectiveness in widening the overall reach of a brand. A 2019 report by AdWeek mentioned that 85% of users say that visual UGC is more effective in influencing their buying decisions than brand-generated content.

This means that buyers prefer and trust campaigns coming from their fellow buyers than those created by the brands themselves. Why? Because reviews submitted or displayed by unaffiliated or unpaid individuals are more likely to be practical and unbiased.

How Does Moderation Work for User-Generated Campaigns?

Moderation for user-generated campaigns is done by skilled and experienced content moderators with the purpose of ensuring that potential customers or clients can see and experience the best parts of a company’s products or services. UGC moderation keeps content free of negative impressions and offensive language from trolls who flock to social media networks to ruin a company’s brand image in the market.

Since UGC greatly affects the behavior and opinions of social media users who are prospective buyers, business owners should focus on posting valuable content to boost exposure and encourage brand loyalty.

Why is Content Moderation Important for User Generated Campaigns?

User Generated Content

Content moderation keeps a brand’s reputation impressive and ideal for existing and coming customers to see. Moderation helps business owners to know how customers feel about their products and services and inspire them to curate more content that could boost user engagement and keep the trust built along the way. Content moderation also promotes participatory marketing, where business owners focus on brand supporters creating content as part of their marketing strategy.

Moreover, big organizations use content moderation to keep track of every customer’s purchasing behaviors, resulting in effective and efficient pattern recognition, and formulation of actionable insights. Here are some of the top reasons why moderating your content on social media and website is important for your brand and reputation:

1. It Protects Your Brand

User-generated content moderation can help your brand stand out through the quality of content that you allow on your social media pages and websites. While trolling and criticism are an inevitable part of every business, most especially under eCommerce, users who post inappropriate and unethical things publicly will create a negative impact on your business branding and identity. Content moderation ensures comprehensive reputation management with social engagements focusing on positive reviews and helpful feedback from customers.

The last thing that you want to see on your official website’s dashboard are comments from angry and unsatisfied customers who chose to lash out publicly instead of settling their issues offline. Yes, some customers troll their service providers, and they are actually more difficult to handle than those who did not buy the product and are trolling for the sake of entertainment. Do content moderation to keep these types of users off your major platforms.

2. Moderation Helps You Understand Your Customer

Customers can get bored with the same product, this is a fact. While increasing your brand recognition is a good thing, achieving customer loyalty through repeat business is the best. While content moderation’s main goal is to make sure that nothing offensive or illegal will be associated with your brand, excellent moderators also adopt content moderation strategies to track the activities of customers, including their search queries.

Your brand stays relevant if you know what your customers want, so you could make products that will keep their interests high. Queries from customers keeping themselves updated with your launches can help you create a more scalable business and a solid customer satisfaction rating.

3. No Inappropriate Content and Spamming

High-volume campaigns are usually the main target of spammers and trolls who create many accounts on social media pages and use UGC to post upsetting commentaries about brands and companies. While this definitely sounds like scary black propaganda, this is very normal in online business platforms.

Content moderators make sure that users will only focus on your brand and this can only be possible if individuals posting inappropriate content or polluting your website’s forum threads with spam links or competitor website links will be banned. Marketing agencies invest in quality ad blockers to keep irrelevant promotions and plug advertising away from your page or site.

4. Attracts More Traffic to Your Website

Now we’re going to every business owner’s favorite kind of traffic. Website traffic is significant in determining the rankings of websites according to user activities and search queries. One way to achieve this is to inspire more individuals to create content that positively promotes your products or services. Believe it or not, negative reviews cause a huge impact on your online visibility and could possibly put your business page or site at the bottom of the search rankings.

Even more interesting is the fact that fake negative reviews are posted to ruin your brand’s good reputation. Experienced content moderation teams apply strategies to curate unfavorable feedback from customers, real or not.

QUICK TIP: Take negative reviews seriously, and if possible, reply to them professionally. A study found that 94% of consumers would still buy products from companies that respond to negative feedback because it is a sign that a company values the opinion of its customers and is willing to make adjustments to serve them better.

5. It Encourages Participatory Marketing

The beauty of user-generated campaigns is that businesses can avail of free marketing from customers and indeed, there is nothing more trustworthy than honest reviews coming from individuals who had a real experience with a product or service. A well-moderated UGC is capable of converting casual website visitors to regular customers and increasing your brand’s market value. Businesses rapidly scale when groups of unaffiliated or unpaid internet users start talking positively about their products and services, just like brand ambassadors do.

Always remember that a customer trusts content created by another customer rather than a brand-generated one. The best example of this is the #ShotOnIphone campaign by Apple which turned into a trending challenge for all iPhone users to flex their photos captured using their iPhones. This took place when hundreds and thousands of phone photography enthusiasts were questioning iPhone’s camera features.

The campaign hit globally and made way for more participatory marketing strategies launched by different companies. It is an understatement to say that this UGC campaign is a success.

6. Your Customers Will Feel Protected Too

Content moderation helps to run an online campaign that is safe from negativity and inappropriate actions caused by problematic users. By setting an effective filter and clear guidelines that customers should follow, misunderstanding caused by differences in culture, language barriers, and definitions of obscenity and censorship can be avoided.

User-generated campaigns give freedom to customers in creating content, but what one customer deems acceptable may be offensive and derogatory to others. Monitoring and controlling what they can post will make them feel like you are also protecting them as much as you are protecting your business.


User-generated campaigns can make or break a business, so it is very important to make sure that your page or website will only highlight the best reviews to inspire current and potential customers to promote your business. While constructive criticism is essential to finding your brand’s areas for improvement, when left uncontrolled, it could smear the ideal image of your company that customers have inside their minds.

Get the best content moderation services to enjoy a user-friendly business platform where you and your customers can interact and expect more motivational and satisfying ideas to help you grow your business and give a better customer experience in the future!

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