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Tier 1 Support

What is Tier 1 Support?

Tier 1 support (L1) is the first level of support provided by an organization. This is the first place that customers will be able to speak to a customer service agent, and the agents in this department should be able to help the customer with their basic problems. It’s usually for simple issues which can be resolved quickly by the support rep. The name of this support channel is derived from the “tier” a call takes on the way to being solved and Tier 1 Support is also known as Level 1 Support. Support groups usually have a tiered structure and this is to ensure that everyone is prioritized according to the urgency of the issue.  The main function of a Tier 1 support agent is to screen incoming calls, answer easy or “warm” calls and redirect them to a more qualified support agent (Tier 2) for further handling. The basic service provided by a Tier 1 support team is to address the most common questions from the users. The team can also escalate issues if the problem is beyond the scope of their expertise, typically to Tier 2 Support or L2.

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