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How this E-Commerce Company Solved its Customer Service Dilemma with the Help of Digital Minds BPO

A well-established e-commerce company specializing in the production and selling of garments and accessories since 2016 sought the help of Digital Minds BPO Services, Inc. in managing their customer service. The company which is known for its multi-brand operations experienced an overwhelmingly high influx of live chat and emails from customers, which resulted in unanswered inquiries, complaints, and negative reviews left by customers.

Digital Minds BPO Services, Inc. used an aggressive and interactive approach by forming dedicated customer support teams to handle the growing backlogs that hinder the company’s goal to deliver customer satisfaction through excellent service.

What They Asked

To regain the trust and confidence of their customers and at the same time, monitor the e-commerce company’s performance, DMI strategically provided the following services:

Human Resources

  • Manage the screening, recruitment, and hiring of candidates for the customer support team.
  • Form a team of skilled and trained agents to handle live chat and email support.
  • Implement necessary training and set clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Provide facilities, equipment, and materials to encourage team productivity and efficiency.

Relationship Management

  • Handle customer complaints and escalate them to appropriate departments, if necessary.
  • Request reviews from happy customers.


  • Give regular feedback, updates, and reports.

What We Deliver

With the customer support team being fully managed by DMI, the e-commerce company is currently enjoying these benefits:

  • Cost savings of up to 70%
  • Improved online reputation made possible by the growing number of positive reviews from customers. 
  • Better focus on the company’s core business operations. 

Save time and costs while ensuring superb customer service and establishing significant connections between you and your customers! Contact Digital Minds and start your journey to a globally-competitive business performance. Build your dreams with us. 


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